About Us

why work with us

Design & Development

We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to plants: instead, we work with our stakeholders such as municipalities, food manufacturers and farmers to design the right plant for the right site so that it fully integrates with its core business and future-proves the climate.

Our designs range from stand-alone plants to entire infrastructure projects by supplying heat, power and / or gas directly to local consumers such as business parks, single industrial users or residential customers.

We handle the planning process with the relevant local authorities & have a 90% success rate in bringing projects to consent.

Finance & Construction

We have long-term relationships with reputable technology providers and a track record of building and commissioning plants on-time and on-budget.

We use proven technology, work with fully certified engineers and specialists and select only the most reliable, ‘tried and tested’ equipment.

Our investors understand the energy sector and see investment in bio energy as an important diversification of their investment portfolio to meet its requirements for sustainability and long-term returns.


We have over 10 years experience in operating biogas plants at minimum 95% efficiency with a portfolio of over 50 plant.

Our investors are behind AcrEnergy, because they know with us the plant is not only built with a professional team, but also operated at optimum level.

Why AcrEnergy?

The team at AcrEnergy has over thirty years’ combined experience in the energy sector, successfully developing, financing, building and operating power plants of various kinds in Europe including Germany and in the UK.

Over the past decade, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of operating biogas plants, having been among the pioneers of the biogas industry in Continental Europe when it took off in the early 2000s.

Our technical know-how at operating plants is a key differentiator and puts us in a unique position.

AcrEnergy draws on an extensive network built up over the years to engage highly qualified staff for the construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of its plants.

Rather than going it alone, municipalities, food manufacturers and farmers can draw on our expertise, thereby significantly de-risking any investment in energy production.

Development and construction costs can be entirely borne by AcrEnergy and its investors, and once the plant is up and running, the partnership with AcrEnergy ensures continuous and successful operation of the plant.

AcrEnergy takes care of the biogas plant because that is what we are good at, while the “waste producer” can continue to focus on her / his – now improved – core business.